QREM is a third-party evaluation firm serving non-profits and other organizations from its home offices in Denver, Colorado. Family owned and operated, QREM aims to establish long-term relationships with its clients and provide them with the information they need to grow and expand their services for years to come. With QREM’s help, a number of organizations have done just that, moving from small, local groups to national organizations.

QREM’s family atmosphere means that you will not find the same corner-office mentality as other firms, and those strong ties enable us to provide our clients with long-term stability.  We also strive to keep overhead low so we can pass those savings on to our clients. Our proposals are guaranteed to represent the maximum price possible, so there will never be any surprise fees.

Services Offered

Process Evaluation | Impacts Evaluation | Outcomes Evaluation | Collective impact Evaluation | Focus Groups | Key Informant Interviews | Social Network Analysis | Quantitative Data Analysis | Qualitative Data Analysis | Geospatial Analysis | Algorithm Construction | Survey Design | Scholarship Selection | Client Satisfaction | Peer-Reviewed Research Reports