QREM’s mission is to put strong data into the hands of decision makers so they can develop effective strategies to improve their services and expand their organizations. We aim to help organizations answer questions like:

  • How much impact does our organization’s activities have on the community?
  • How does our programming affect individuals?
  • Does our programming match our organizational goals?
  • What should our programming look like?

To answer these and other questions, QREM offers a range of evaluation services including impact evaluations, process evaluation, and comparative data analysis, as well as advice on grants, financial management, and client satisfaction. Our services include:

Process Evaluation
Impacts Evaluation
Outcomes Evaluation
Focus Groups
Key Informant Interviews
Social Network Analysis
Quantitative Data Analysis
Qualitative Data Analysis
Geospatial Analysis
Algorithm Construction
Survey Design
Scholarship Selection
Client Satisfaction
Peer-Reviewed Research Reports

Though most clients are located in Colorado and the Denver area specifically, QREM has branched out from its home city and now serves clients nationwide. QREM is a member in good standing with the American Evaluation Association (AEA) and conducts all evaluations in accordance with AEA standards and practices.

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