Dr. Fahey and her excellent team at QREM have helped numerous organizations evaluate the impact their programming is having.  Not only does this information help explain relevance to funders, it also helps organizations make modifications to maximize their effectiveness.

Having an outside organization like QREM provide an objective evaluation is a very healthy process.  It provides important information to the organization and to its potential funders.   Sometimes it can be hard to know if your desired outcomes are really meeting your expectations.

We are all passionate about our work and desire to help others.  But it can be very difficult to know if our programs are really making the difference we think they are.  Having an outside organization like QREM provide an objective evaluation not only informs us on ways to be better, it helps attract the funders that are so important to our mission.

Linda Childears, former President and CEO of the Daniels Fund

In the social sector, you need a partner that is an expert in evaluation and research that will help conceive, design and implement a measurement and evaluation strategy. I have worked with QREM for nearly 2 decades and they have provided credible, best-in-class service when it comes to quantitative evaluation and research as a partner which has led to improved program delivery and a deeper understanding of what success looks like in our organization.

John Oliver, Chief Operating Officer for ElevateUSA

Working with QREM will add value to any organization.  The team is professional, prompt, and highly skilled.  In addition to delivering high-quality work products, Dr. Fahey and her team are excellent at helping you take the learnings from their analysis and translate them into actionable next steps for your organization.

Meghan Velasquez, Founder and CEO Improvement Assurance Group