Client Growth

Growing Together

One of QREM’s primary goals is to help its clients scale their programs up, expand their footprints, and offer services to more people in need. Since its inception in 2011, QREM’s evaluation services have done just that for many non-profit organizations.

QREM has helped clients grow beyond their roots in the Denver area to other cities and towns in Colorado as well as into other states throughout the US. Other organizations have used QREM’s research and insights to help them expand their services through new partnerships, such as moving from serving one school district to several different districts.  In many cases, these organizations are also able to reach new populations or age groups as well.

A third-party evaluation from QREM can provide a significant boost to fundraising efforts. QREM’s clients routinely find that they can leverage evaluation findings to secure new sources of revenue as well as an overall increase in donations.  This, in turn, gives them the stability and flexibility they need to grow.

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