Why Choose an Independent Evaluator?

While some nonprofit organizations may be tempted to keep evaluations in house, the truth is that most organizations find that turning to a third-party evaluation specialist like QREM is necessary as they try to get off the ground or as they continue to grow. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that many sources of funding (particularly federal sources) require an independent evaluation to even be considered.

Here are three more reasons why your organization should consider hiring a third-party evaluator to handle all of your evaluation needs.


With a third-party evaluator, you can feel confident that you will receive more reliable findings. Professional evaluators like the ones at QREM possess specialized training and have dedicated themselves to utilizing that training to help non-profits and other organizations.  The evaluators at QREM are experts in their field and offer their clients the reliability that only comes with the decades of experience.


Even when an independent evaluation isn’t a requirement, it can lend credibility to fundraising appeals and grant requests and could be the difference between being approved or passed over. This is due in part to expertise, but the impartial eye that a third-party evaluator brings to the table is also crucial. QREM provides this independence, and it also adheres to the high standards established by the American Evaluation Association.


Conducting internal evaluations is a drain on nonprofit organizations’ time and financial resources.   And while hiring some outside evaluators can be expensive, QREM keeps its overhead low so we can offer the best prices.  This also allows QREM’s clients to spend less time worrying about evaluation and more time focusing on what they do best – helping people.